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Pottery Foam for Form Pressing

Pottery Foam for Form Pressing

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Large multipurpose pottery foam (45cm by 45cm, 10cm thick), ideal for making plates using the push foam method (see instructions here).

This foam is firm enough to mould clay around the form when pressed, but soft enough that it's gentle on the wrists.

Please note: the push foam method is best suited for our pottery forms with roundover edge, and not compatible with the bevelled edge (the drape method is best).

You can also use this foam to quickly clean up the bottoms of your pieces after you've applied glaze to them, before firing — just spin the bottoms on the foam to remove any unwanted glaze. After use, rinse well and allow to dry.

This foam is also perfect to use as a soft pliable surface to place your piece (particularly vessels) for underglaze painting and sgraffito to avoid sore arms and hands from holding heavy pieces.


Foam is 45cm by 45cm and 10cm thick. Made in Australia.


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