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Fin Pottery Tools

Base/Handle Bundle (Contains 3)

Base/Handle Bundle (Contains 3)

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3 x Base/Handles with 3 x M6 connector bolts and 1 x Allen key. 

Having multiple bases means you can save time transferring a base from one pottery form to another, and increases production.

This multipurpose handle attaches to the underside of any of our forms and is designed for an easy grip of the mould when handling, cutting and transferring your clay creation.

Our handle raises the form allowing you to drape the clay over the mould and cut excess clay, as well as pick up the mould when clay is attached, and easily remove the clay from the mould. 

Fin Pottery Tools pottery forms are made from MDF and are machine made and hand finished, and available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


This bundle contains: 3 x Base/Handles, 3 x M6 connector bolts and 1 x Allen key. 

The Base/Handle is 11cm in diameter and 1.6cm thick, and contains a stainless steel M6 bolt (which threads into any of our drape moulds) and an Allen key to attach the handle. 


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