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Fin Pottery Tools

Blate (Bowl/Deep Plate) Pottery Form 26cm with Roundover Edge

Blate (Bowl/Deep Plate) Pottery Form 26cm with Roundover Edge

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26cm diameter (3.2cm thick) blate (bowl/deep plate) mould with roundover edge.

You can nab a discount when you bundle our three blate form sizes with a Base/Handle. Head here for the Blate Bundle.

These blate pottery forms are compatible with our Pottery Foam press method.

Fin Pottery Tools pottery forms are locally made from high-quality MDF and are machine made and hand finished, and available in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Form is 26cm in diameter, 3.2cm thick (twice as thick as our other moulds), and contains a threaded metal insert in order to attach the Base/Handle which can be purchased separately here.

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