Here are your frequently asked questions:

What are Fin Pottery Tools forms made out of?

We use a high-quality moisture-resistant MDF to make our forms.

Where are your pottery forms made?

We proudly make our pottery forms locally on the southern Gold Coast. We design and test each form for quality and durability, and they are machine made and hand finished. 

What slab thickness do you recommend to make plates/dishes?

1/4 inch (6-7mm) is our go-to clay thickness.

How do I use Fin Pottery Tools pottery forms?

We have a how-to post on ways to use our forms/moulds.

You can also head over to our Instagram and TikTok for lots of videos showing you all the many ways you can use our forms.

How long do you recommend leaving the clay on the form?

We typically leave the clay on the form for 10–15 minutes and have great results. In the time it takes to cut off the excess clay and tidy up the dish and rim, the form should lift easily from the clay.

However, others like to wait longer for the clay to harden up more before removing from the form. It's personal preference (and how much time you have)! We just recommend not leaving it on the form for so long that the clay dries/shrinks too much and causes cracks.

The key is how you handle the slab and subsequent dishes you make, and how they dry — avoid warping the slab, and once your wares are off the form, handle as little as possible, and allow to dry slowly and evenly.

Help! The clay is sticking to the form

Don't fret! Leave the clay on the form until the clay has hardened up a bit and try again.

We find this can happen with super soft clay bodies and those without grog.

You might like to try leaving your slab to dry a bit before shaping it over the pottery form.

If you’re finding it's still sticking, you can very gently pull the rim of the dish away from the edge of the form at a few different points (while supporting the rim so it doesn't warp), then jiggle the form out.

How do I avoid warping?

Check out our tips here!

Basically, make sure your slab is even in thickness, make sure not to warp your slab and subsequent dish when you're handling them, dry them evenly and slowly (away from drafts of wind, and under plastic/in other controlled environment), and weigh down dishes with rice/sandbags while drying.

How should I take care of my forms?

You can find our full care instructions here. 

We recommending wiping down forms with a damp cloth/sponge when required.

It's a great idea to let them dry in between uses. If you'd like to refinish the surface of the forms, you can sand them with 120240 grit sandpaper.

Avoid submerging in water/excessively wetting the forms. They're moisture resistant but not waterproof.

What's the difference between the roundover rim and the bevelled rim?

Great question! Here's our explainer on our two rim profiles. Essentially the roundover is a soft curve profile, while the bevelled is a chamfered profile.

How many Bases/Handles should I get?

We recommend one Base/Handle per 2–3 pottery forms. The Base/Handle can easily be transferred between our pottery forms, but if you'd like to increase production and save time transferring the Base/Handle, we recommend grabbing a few extra (our Base/Handle Bundle is perfect for this!).

Can I buy your pottery forms in a shop?

Yes! Head here for our stockists in Australia and New Zealand.

If you'd like your local pottery store to stock our products, email us and we'll see what we can do!

What clay bodies do use?

The main clay bodies we use are: Walkers no 10 white stoneware; Keane's midfire 33 and midfire black; Feeneys handbuilding (HB) clay.

Are you going to make new shapes?

Our idea list is every-growing and we can't wait to release more pottery forms. 

If there's a shape you're after in particular, feel free to email us and we'll add it to our design and production list!

I live on the Gold Coast — can I pick up my order in person?

We'd love to one day have a space that facilitates local pickups, but for now we offer free local shipping. Just email us and we'll send you the free shipping code! Already placed an order? No worries, get in touch and we'll refund your shipping.

Got any more questions? Get in touch with us via email (hello@finpotterytools.com.au).


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